Instructions for Reviewers

The CoRL review process is about three months long, submission-to-notification, including the discussion period and will be more similar to journal processes.

First off, please update your OpenReview profile before the submission deadline.

We count on you, the Reviewers, to make the process smooth and ensure high quality of the accepted submission, and provide constructive feedback to the authors. Most notable change, we want to ensure an active and constructive engagement with the authors to improve the papers and update the reviews and scores during the discussion period.

CoRL papers are required to include a limitations section. Please treat the honestly reported limitations kindly and with high appreciation. On the other hand, obvious shortcomings or flaws not reported by the authors should be pointed out extensively and be strongly reflected in your scores.

Timeline: Below is the overall timeline of your responsibilities in the next three months. This timeline will be available on the CoRL website, and we will send Google calendar event notifications shortly. All times are 11:59 Pacific Time, unless otherwise stated. Please adhere to the schedule, and if there are problems, do let us know as soon as possible.

Phase 1: Review period

  • June 16-18: Reviewer bidding period
  • June 26: Paper assignments are available
  • July 31: Review deadline

Phase 2: Discussion period

  • August 5-12: Emergency review period
  • August 15-26: Author / reviewer discussion period 

Phase 3: Decision period

  • August 27 – September 1: AC / Reviewer discussion

Thank you so much for your service and helping make CoRL a high-quality and successful conference.