Videos – Keynote, Tutorial, Industry Talks

Dec 16 – Aude Billard – Keynote Talk Title: “Machine Learning Methods for Real-Time Control with Theoretical Guarantees”
Dec 17 – Bruce MacDonald – Keynote Talk Title: “Robotics in NZ”
Dec 18 – Fabio Ramos – Tutorial Talk Title: “Simulation-Based Probabilistic Inference for Domain Randomization and Sim2Real Transfer”
Dec 16 – Steve Saunders – Industry Talk Title: “Solving Global Problems in the Agri Sector through AI enabled Robotics and Automation – Robotics Plus Story”
Dec 17 – Takayuki Osa – Tutorial Talk Title: “Dealing with Objective Function with Multiple Extrema in Robot Learning”
Dec 16 – Jeannette Bohg – Tutorial Talk Title: “Representations and Representation Learning in Robotics”
Dec 18 – Aleksandra Faust – Keynote Talk Title: “Towards Autonomy at Scale”