The Quest for International Limits and Rules on Autonomous Weapon Systems

Panel 1: Autonomous weapons systems: legal, ethical and security challenges and responses [1.5 hours]

Speaker 1: Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control, Hon Phil Twyford – “A call to action” [10 minutes] [in person]

·       High level political message on the need for all stakeholders to work together to achieve effective prohibition and regulation

Speaker 2: Marnie Lloyd – “Legal, ethical and security challenges posed by AWS” [20 minutes][in person]

·       An overview of the challenges posed by AWS with a focus on international humanitarian law

·       Would cover material from ICRC, SIPRI etc, including IHL, human rights, ethics, and security issues including arms race/lowering threshold for war etc

Speaker 3: Richard Moyes – “International responses to the challenges posed by AWS” [20 minutes] [virtual]

·       An overview of how states and international groups (including the campaign) have responded to the challenges posed by the AWS – could cover GGE, campaign efforts, national policies of note, open letter from roboticists etc, MAVEN experience (the purpose being to show the audience that there is already a broad and diverse network of stakeholders engaged on this issue)

Interactive panel discussion [40 minutes]

[15 minute break]

Panel 2: Addressing the challenges posed by AWS – an important role for the robotics community [2.25 hours]

Speaker 1: Paul Scharre – A practical look at what is at stake [20-30 minutes] [virtual]

·       Overview of the spectrum of autonomy (if not covered in first session)

·       Presentation on an existing autonomous weapon system, one in development, and a potential future one, to provide concrete examples of what we are talking about and to spark a debate about what systems workshop participants think are acceptable and which are not

Speaker 2: Ariel Conn (IEEE) – what practical measures roboticists can take to address the ethical challenges posed by AWS [20 minutes] [virtual]

·       To take the audience through the IEEE report on ethical challenges posed by AWS and some of the concrete work that needs to be done by roboticists and others to find concrete ways to address them.

Speaker 3: Angela Woodward – lessons learned from other weapons systems and disarmament efforts [20 minutes][in person]

·       How states/civil society/stakeholders have navigated the challenges of regulating other weapons systems of concern (e.g. BWC and CWC) to give roboticists some food for thought

Interactive panel discussion [50 minutes]

Conclusion: 10 minutes